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I have been in the Real Estate and Loan Profession for over 40 years.  A trusted advisor with everyting real estate and loans for decades with thousands of closed escrows.

With every listing, I create a personalized marketing plan to maximize the exposure for my properties. I have a passion for assisting clients and have a unique approach to ensure your property is displayed in the best possible light both online and in person.

Please explore my site to find helpful information including my latest buyer and seller guides for the Southern California market, my first time buyer report with links to local loan programs, and my "Home Value Report".

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A Few Words From My Clients...

He really knows the Los Angeles County area, and helped us find a great deal near the schools we wanted.  After we found the property his knowledge of tha area was used to create the initial offer, getting the seller to py for closing costs, and still getting the seller what they wanted...HOW DID HE DO THAT? It was like magic, but JESSE T got it done.”

“Created a website just for our listing, listed our home in the MLS, put it on his TV and Radio Show to over 14 million viewers and listeners, The JESSE T Show 'On The Real Estate Corner' and we saw it on facebook ads all over. Our buyer found the property this way. So I would say he goes the extra steps to find the largest pool of buyers for a property. It worked for us.

“At first view, he looks like a nice guy, then we found out he is and the most knowlegable person we have ever meet in real esate and loans and knows the system well.  Really what has he not done! A great focus who gave us the time that was needed to sell the home. I also like the clear, simple, direct no frills  marketing approach. It provided a lot of exposiure for our property.  He knows what he's doing.”

Marketing Plan

Generating Buyer Traffic For Your Listing


Its a team effort to present our listings in the best possible manner

Mobile, on line, direct mail, staging, digital ads, single property websites, & more.

3 Marketing Keys

A Proven Marketing Plan For Your Property


Local Exposure

Our marketing begins before we list the property.  Personal calls to buyers we have, and professionals we know that may-likely have a buyer for your property.


Our prelisting marketing plan might include exceptional visuals, a custom single property website, and marketing that targets local buyers for local areas.



Online Marketing

How your home shows on line is critical to generating interest from serious buyers, whoa re ready willing and able to pull the trigger NOW! 


We understand this and have a complete on line marketing plan for your home including social media & Facebook, TV and Radio, and old fashion foot work.



Agent Networking

We've built a large network of real estate Brokers and agents.  Each of these pros are contacted with the details of our new listings with our innovative email direct Flyer campaign, wic is tens of thousands of industry leaders in Los Angeles County.


Our goal is to place your property in front of every qualified buyer all at once!





The 2020 Seller Guide

Includes several proven tips to help prepare your home to sell for the highest price.

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The Buyer Section

Resources For Buyers Including Property Search

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Mortgages & Loans

Interest rates are very attractive for buyers
JESSE T has been a loan specialist for decades,  His unique plan to beat out other buyers for the property, you want, is simple. Sadly this is not done with most buyers today, so they loose the property they want before they get started, or loose it at the end when they do not qualify.  That makes no sense, and is a complete waist of every-bodies time and effort.  Nobody needs waisting time on those that are just waisting time.  

THE PLAN is simple.  Secure the money to buy property before you start looking at property.  Wow how simple that is!  Why do professionals not do this with their buyers? 

THE STRATEGY & TACTICS are sound.  You the buyer provide all of your financials that JESSE T needs before looking at property, get qualified to borrow the money needed, fix anything from the start that needs to be fixed,  solve the issues before getting started, provide all necessary information that the actual lender needs like loan application, credit reports, tax returns, bank statements, retirement account statements, letters of explanation for issues  on the credit report, W2s, or P&L for self employed folks,  pay check stubs, drivers license, social security card,  and any other items that lenders comes up with.  Once  this is submitted then you get approved for the loan, and an amount based on this information gives you the fire power to go and start looking now! Find a property to buy. You about as close to being a cash buyer that you can be, Un less you are a cash buyer.  that is call APPROVED.
Imagine the seller and their professionals when they get an offer from you who are ready, willing, and able.  Did we just hear "you bought" the house, and the escrow is closed!      

If for some reason you cannot buy because of financials then JESSE T will develop a plan for you. If followed you will be a qualified and approved buyer sooner than you think.                                                             WINWINWIN Group, Inc.

                                                           CALL NOW 800-684-8699..818-800-1343                 



Current Interest Rates

Mortgage Calculator

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Your home value? 

Get a detailed analysis of the current value of your home.  This is not an online estimate but a true CMA prepared by Broker Jesse Torrero

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Here For Your Home Value

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My unrelenting work ethic, dedication, experience, and 'Don't Stop Till You Drop' attitude gets results, and has for many decades.
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With every listing, I create a personalized marketing plan to maximize the
Exposure for my properties.


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